Finding the center

Rajee: Just try to feel from where you are speaking, like from where these words are originating. Where is your centre from where you are speaking right now? Just try to sense it right now. Lightly, just lightly sense, you don’t need really like an aggressive seeing here. And as a matter of fact, in … More Finding the center


The whole art of waking up lies in Stopping, being where you are, allowing what is happening inside you. How it happens is different for different people, but this is how it is. Running here and there is mind.

Possibility of Discovering the Silence of the Being

Generally we are trying to reduce the noise of the mind to feel peaceful, and then it becomes like a continuous compromise, negotiation, struggle, adjustment, arrangement and effort basically, like without effort it’s not going to happen. Whereas in the Satsang, there is a possibility of discovering the silence of the being, silence of Your … More Possibility of Discovering the Silence of the Being