About Rajee

about rajee Kopie

Rajee is a spiritual teacher sharing meetings, workshops and retreats for the last few years. His professional background is that of a computer programmer.

Rajee’s spiritual journey started at a very early age. He had been feeling intense boredom and suffocation since childhood, which led him to Osho. He came across his first Osho book at the age of 16 titled ‘The empty boat (Shunya Ki Naav)’, which gave a direction to his so far directionless life. Rajee had followed Osho intensely. He did various meditation techniques of Osho and worked in Osho Meditation Resort Pune.

In 2010 Rajee’s practical life came to a full stop when he felt a sense of losing his center (center from where we operate), this is where life brought Mooji to him as a YouTube video on Self Inquiry. Rajee started attending Mooji Satsangs in-person from 2012 in Tiruvannamalai (Tiru). Mooji’s physical presence and pointings opened up Rajee’s heart towards his true self.

In Rajee’s words:
Osho is my spiritual godfather who has brought me to Mooji. I love them both fully, I love their amazingly unique approaches and for me they are one. I am forever grateful to Osho and Mooji for their love, Presence in my life and their priceless pointings to truth.

Main focus area:
Main focus area of Rajee’s work is Recognition of our essential nature as Presence.

To know more about Osho, please visit https://www.osho.com
To know more about Mooji, please visit https://mooji.org