The Wall of Illusion and the Conflict

Questioner: First I was finding falling into my Self very, very easily and the last eight days or so I’m feeling like there is a wall and I’m not able to get past that. It’s pretty strong and there’s been kind of a bit of a conflict within me.

Rajee: I think there are two ways to approach it: one is the way of the doer, the seeker, which is Explore this wall that you feel inside you. Explore means not try to destroy it but try to exactly figure out and feel and see what exactly it is, how exactly it feels. But what is happening mostly is, there is no wall. And still we feel there is a wall, so now that which does not exist inside us. But the experience is very strong and realistic, we must bring our light to that and see the illusoriness of it and that’s how you will become free from it. Until then you will be not really serving your desire to be free from this wall, but you will be actually serving the belief that there is a wall. This is the seeker’s way.

The other way I call Satsang, Come to Satsang, and connect with Satsang, when you are feeling this wall, if you have the opportunity, listen to the recordings. The more you connect to the recording or to the Satsang, the more you start falling in your own silence which is already beyond this wall. So you don’t have to cross this wall ever anyway, now this wall can be there and you are still behind it already and you have reached home, because any effort we need to reach home inside our Self, we are in some way more or less supporting the belief that there is something in between you and the home.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, Pune)

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