Finding the center

Rajee: Just try to feel from where you are speaking, like from where these words are originating. Where is your centre from where you are speaking right now? Just try to sense it right now. Lightly, just lightly sense, you don’t need really like an aggressive seeing here.

And as a matter of fact, in this state where we are together, even not speaking anything is loud enough to sense where is the centre from where you are not speaking. I don’t mean that you are going to find a centre but I’m saying that you are clear that you are not finding a centre right now.

Questioner: Yes exactly.

Rajee: That’s what I mean.

And in a very sober and normal, natural state, this clear seeing, in a sober and simple ground, where body-mind and its background is still there, is a sure way to remove the illusion of separation. The illusion of separation is removed like this, otherwise it will continue, because you are in your deep, deep Samadhi state and there is nobody else, and when you come out again there is somebody who is living and now questioning what to do and who I am,. So we are bringing both of them together here now in this sober simple simple simple seeing.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, Pune)

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