Meeting the Other

One very kind of significant and kind of funny thing I want to also share here, where is the other? Is it out there or is it in here? Actually it is in here. The other that we see outside of our body is actually in here. We never meet the other which is outside of our body in a full sense, in an emotional sense. We will just physically meet the physicality of life, our physical body meets the physicality of life outside of itself, but the one who lives in this body does not really meet the other outside, out there, it meets the other in here, actually. So all the others which I see outside of my Self are actually living inside me here,. That is why we kind of have a fear of meeting the other outside of our Self, and that is why a meeting with the teacher can be used in such a powerful way, that you can meet the other inside You and see that there is no other, that you can discover that there is just one. Because the teacher is not projecting the other-ness in the form of this egoic flavor or stickiness. It is like pure emptiness embracing you and but still presenting itself as somebody that you see, perceive as the other, like the form is still there.

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