The other ‘person’ can highlight your personal mind

Questioner: Namaste Beloved, when you were talking about there is no other and the other is just something inside you, it just stirred something where I just felt that when I was meeting other, as such, I was scared of my own projection that I would see outside and when you said that there is no other outside, I could just see that there are just projections then and nothing else.

Rajee: It is true actually. When we try to avoid ugliness outside of our Self, we actually are trying to avoid ugliness inside of our Self which is highlighted by some situation or some person. It is true. I’m not saying that remove it or change it or do anything, just know that it is so, that is what I mean. So that we start working on the right platform or right level, right direction and we kind of stop cursing or blaming or fighting with people, which don’t even know that they are triggering your ugliness inside you. The other ‘person’ can highlight your personal mind and suppressed or hidden or unconscious components, which constitute the personal construct but the teacher in the form of other can highlight your Truth. This is the value of meeting a teacher or being in the presence of a teacher. It highlights your Truth which is beyond your personal components and construct. It’s a very direct thing. So use both. It will be used actually anyway, life will decide, that you will be still meeting other people while you are meeting the teacher also, no? Like this, so that what is holding your attention and energy inside you, or holding your value, will be highlighted.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, Pune)

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