Connect to this Silence, Right Now

There is a natural silence here, acknowledge and feel this more right now, there is a natural silence here, there is a sort of a peacefulness here right now. Enjoy, enjoy this more, you can solve problems later, and if you can connect with this more, you will have to solve less and less problems. Only you need to rest and rejoice in your own being which is possible by connecting to this silence of this moment – This-ness.

This silence is not really separate from you, it is not something that you are visiting. Actually this is your own nature. This is your Self. (Rajee smiles).
So whatever way you want to connect to this silence, connect. Whether you explore it, feel it, see it, see into it, but do something with it, don’t stay alone or separate from it. Come in contact with it right now. It is an opportunity to fall out of your ego state into your natural True state. Don’t try to do anything specific, just do what is naturally possible for you to do with this silence. This silence is here, and you are here, this is more than enough, that you acknowledge that the silence is here. If you feel like drowning in this silence, it’s perfect, it’s beautiful. So just whatever you feel, do with this silence but only with this silence right now, with nothing else inside you. Everything else is here but not being given any value right now. You’re not rejecting anything, you’re not removing anything from inside.

Who is maintaining this silence? Whose silence is this? And where exactly is this silence? Is it inside or it is outside? Or maybe is it beyond both maybe? Don’t try to figure out. I’m just speaking so to bring your attention to it, not so that you can understand. So don’t try to understand. Live it and feel it right now.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, 13th August, 2018, Pune)

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