When you find yourself in a no-man’s land

Satsang is essential for you now because maybe not very often but quite often I feel you might find yourself in a no-man’s land where you are not interested in talking of the mind and discussion or anything and yet you don’t have kind of access to your Self so easily, to the peacefulness, to the real peacefulness, or aliveness of your Self where you kind of feel excited like a child, peaceful but excited also. Like peaceful and celebrating, peacefully your Self. So then satsang is vital for you because generally you are done with the mind, mind has nothing to offer to you now, whether it is spiritual achievement or worldly and yet you may keep holding onto this kind of nothing that you have here like a dead nothingness, dead emptiness. And satsang can very quickly bring you to your natural state where you are empty but very alive and you are nothing but very much like a very alive nothing. Strange word actually, strange term but it is true. Actually you are super happy in being nothing and nobody. Like this we can make sure that mind stands no chance, it cannot create any confusions inside you which you can buy sometime.

So satsang is essential for you.
As I said satsang in the form of this meeting or satsang of your own. If you can connect with your own spaciousness and aliveness.

(Excerpts from Focus Group, 26th July, 2018)

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