Opening up in Satsang

Questioner: I just would like to come forward and meet, because there’s this little bit nervousness to come forward and speak, because there’s this feeling, ‘I don’t have anything to say and if to come forward and meet I have think about something to say’. This makes me a little bit uneasy, thank you.

Rajee – I feel like this, all the fear, all the hesitation, all the sense of, kind of inferiority or anything like this which stops us from opening up and connecting is ego, no? So not opening up is ego, opening up is your natural state, no? Like this. But whenever we try to open up outward, meaning to someone who is living in the personal space or state of consciousness, we kind of feel like we are filled by their feelings or emotions or energies and things like this. It looks like not a nice experience generally, and in the spiritual sense it is true also, up to some degree. So this is why you are invited to come to satsang and open up here. Because satsang is not a person but the very space, very presence of life, presence of existence. Very highlighted, it’s like very highlighted, like dominant, it’s very dominant here. And the mind and the personal tendencies are very low and kind of don’t exist basically in the light of satsang. So it’s all about opening up. Whenever you feel like this open up, that’s all, that’s all. It’s never about achieving anything because nothing can be added to you. Even if it was possible, it will be worthless compared to what you are already. You are this pure existence which is so very undivided and originally so that there is no gap for any quality to enter except its own inherent quality of being empty, present, silent, peaceful. So in the ultimate sense of waking up, all that you have to do is open up, open up, open up in the right environment, I would say the right environment is this togetherness of satsang, where no personal mind is working or trying to achieve anything.

In satsang you open up like this by encountering the Truth. The satsang, highest possibility in the satsang is encounter with the Truth. For no other reason just you want to face the Truth. And the process is – Open up, meaning, the process is that you feel kind of closed for some reason, like it’s just you can sense somehow very quickly or very clearly as you have sensed just now that it’s little bit like this, ‘OK, I will just come forward and ..’ You just want to be your Self now. You don’t want to achieve anything. So this is the Being which is asking this question or coming forward like this. It’s just so wonderful actually. Then I don’t have to teach you anything. You don’t have to learn also anything. And we just have to meet like this for some time until necessary. So that I can present my Self and offer my stillness as the mirror to you so that you can clearly see who you are. Satsang is that environment in which it becomes very, very simple and kind of very comfortable or easy also to kind of feel your Self when you are interested. Satsang is not really a place for growth or achievement of any sort in a spiritual way. It is a place to kind of acknowledge and value your Self. You are encouraged somehow.

What do you feel?

Questioner: Yes, I feel very much encouraged to open up and I feel this past few satsangs is really beautiful because I’m really in ‘This’, and not much discussion. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

(Excerpts from Online Focus Group, 26th July, 2018)

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