Connected to the very fire of This-ness

Questioner: Hello, I have nothing to say, actually just no-one else was speaking so, I just clicked the button.

Rajee – Oh, yes, yes it’s nice. Because this is the highest possibility here, interaction, like this. Interaction not so much for solving anything or asking a question but more like – I just want to be online or how to say, connected to the very fire of This-ness. It’s really very valuable when it is done without any intention. Because then, it is basically coming from the very depth of your Self. Because ego is very happy when it has achieved some kind of sense of presence – little bit of a sense of understanding that ‘OK, this is what is happening today and I am doing well’. But the Being that you are, wants to burst open fully into what you are, and for that it is kind of ready to do everything. That everything looks nice but I still want to take chance and see what happens. Because ultimately what is happening, is meeting, is just meeting happening. Essentially there is nothing, nothing really being said or nothing being understood actually, fundamentally. All that is happening is just part of preparing, you are preparing yourself in a way to face the Truth of your Self inside you. The face, the Truth of this moment.

In a normal sense, you are the student, I am the teacher and I, the teacher, will continue trying to help you. You, the student, will try to take the help. But in a deeper sense, when you are open to face this Truth, I am your Truth, you are my Truth. You are my Truth beyond my-ness here. I am your Truth beyond your my-ness there. And if you face this Truth, that sense of my-ness, that hypnosis of my-ness breaks actually. This is the value of meeting also, no? So not what I am saying is important right now when you have come like this, I am important for you right now. My existence here has to be acknowledged by you right now as much as you can, which cannot be fully acknowledged by you in the ‘my’ state or this state of my-ness, I-ness. If you are encouraged to acknowledge my existence then you have to break out of this climate of I, my. And then as you are acknowledging what remains? ‘This’, which is not mine, which is not yours, and sense of mine in you and in me maybe belongs to ‘This’, arises from ‘This’, arises in ‘This’, lived by ‘This’. There is nobody else here which needs to be free from ego. Nobody else beloved, there is always Truth, which is living as This, sometime as limitation, sometime as This. Its own decision. No job given to anyone here to do anything particularly.

(Excerpts from Focus Group, 26th July, 2018)

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