A feeling to Dissolve

Questioner – Bhaiya, I have a feeling to dissolve.

Rajee – You have feeling to dissolve. Ah! How nice. 
This feeling to dissolve is very beautiful and deep feeling, no? And yet this feeling to dissolve dissolves in front of you, inside you, leaving the pure space which does not need to be claimed or achieved by you because you are it. So don’t do anything about it. It is a very deep desire and it’s very fiery also. Feeling to dissolve cannot serve the ego, cannot help the ego to become stronger or thick, but it also cannot help the Truth in any way, so it cannot help you become more what you are already. So don’t entertain this but also don’t fight with it. It is like a fire, automatic fireworks going on inside you. You just let it be the way it is. It is a part of the process and it is the fire that is going on inside you that, ‘I feel like dissolving’. Who feels like dissolving? The space? The sky that you are inside you? How it can dissolve? into what? So this feeling to dissolve, let it dissolve. It will dissolve by itself. This feeling to dissolve is also containing that ‘I am there and I must dissolve before I can be my Self’. So this ‘feeling’ and this what is inside this feeling, ‘I’, both will dissolve by itself. You just stay in the fire of satsang here and in your Self. In your Self just stay as whatever you are now. Just don’t entertain it, don’t do anything about it. It is already undoing something inside you, which is the grace of life actually, Grace of God, that God has turned his face towards you, saying ‘Hello beloved, how are you?’ (smiles) So it’s a beautiful auspicious occasion in you, in your life.
What do you feel?

Questioner: Thank you, thank you Bhaiya.

(Excerpts from Online Focus Group, 26th July, 2018)

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