Two only most valuable things

Beloveds, in this whole show, in this whole activity of teacher and student combination, teaching, satsang, instructions, following the instructions, pointing, following the pointing, darshan, meeting, there are only two things which are most valuable, everything else is kind of gradually changing and need to change and will change. The most valuable thing that is You and Me. These are the two only most valuable things and these are the only two Truths here, which are not two, but it’s alright to keep, feel it like two right now. These are the two only most valuable things here – You and Me. Not what you say, not what you do, not what I say, not what I do. The sooner you understand this the better. Because then we can have a real meeting, awakening meeting, a meeting which is enlightening meeting. Not that you are trying to fix things. When you are trying to fix things what are you doing exactly? Are you not trying to fix things of the ego? If you may allow me to say like this, You are trying to fix things or the problems of the ego, not the problem called ego, which creates all the problem by the way.

True knowledge happens in the depth, in the presence of your own Self. So you just stay in the presence and let everything happen, all the knowledge, all the true knowledge and experiencing take place. This is the best thing one can understand at the mind level that I cannot understand anything which can give me juice of life, which can give me happiness and excitement. And then you find someone, some situation, some teacher, teaching, some satsang or some technique also sometime to find that thing where you really understand something like, ‘Is there any place inside me where I can understand something Truly, not like in the mind level?’. At the mind level everything can be challenged. Everything that you understand can be challenged, it is just that the figure which is challenging has to be bigger than you energetically, which can create doubt in you, that ‘Are you sure you understand this?’, and you feel like, ‘Oh, ya I don’t know really’. But what you feel inside cannot be challenged because there is nobody separate inside, in the knowing of life, in the knowing of the being. The being and the knowing is one and the same thing, just like water. Like it’s like oceanic being inside you knowing itself and everything else in relation to that, you know, it’s like this, not the knowledge of the mind that ‘OK, this is the knowledge of the mind’, ‘So when did you know this?’, ‘I think yesterday I did come to know about it.’ So this yesterday means separate. And when you are asked, questioned about knowing, ‘So when did you know this?’, you say, ‘I don’t know when but I’m knowing it right now. I don’t know about when, but I’m knowing it right now.’ And will you know it tomorrow? ‘I don’t know. I will only know tomorrow when it will be there like this or not.’ And like this slowly you kind of move from the mind to the heart. This heart is this being, this ocean-like being inside you, like a space-like being inside you, when being and knowing is one and the same thing. So whether you are your Self or you are knowing your Self is one and the same thing. Then slowly some deeper knowledge takes place, knowledge of the Seer, the acknowledgement of the Seer that, ‘Hey! There is a Seer also!’ which is seeing everything.
So it’s fine, enjoy.

(Excerpts from Online Focus Group, 26th July, 2018)

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