Beyond Doership

Questioner: Could you share more directly about this ‘Beyond Doership’ because something in there that really resonates. Please.

Rajee :(smiles) Beyond doership is the presence which is doing everything but under the impression of being a specific doer which has a name and a form called the body, and then a specific type of body and then other qualities of the name. So what is beyond the doership is the Presence, which is like there is no other doer inside you, except the presence only, because presence is that energy everything is made of inside you. But the presence as such does not know itself. Presence only is knowing itself as the body, as the name, and then as the construct of itself, like ‘I am someone’. ‘(This) I am someone’ means, when you do, you are the doer, when you sleep, you are sleeper, something like this you can say. So because we keep doing something or the other in the whole day, we get no chance for this fact to be highlighted that you are not only in the doing mode sometime but you also are not in a non-doing mode, but You still Exist when you are not in a doing mode. So when we continuously keep doing, when this presence that you are, gets too much involved in the doings of the body level, mind level and the sense of ’I am doing’ becomes strong enough then it itself kind of tries, starts keeping itself in a circle of belief that ‘I am doing’. And if ‘I am doing’ then, when it wants to, (when)it listens to the spiritual message that I have to be free from the sense of doer, then it asks, ‘OK, so tell me what should I do now to be free from the sense of doer’. So still it is asking about doing something. It’s whole language has changed. It has kind of got hypnotized, the presence has got hypnotized here. And that is why there is immense value of stopping in the whole day, like complete Let Go. And if it can be abrupt, even better, just not doing anything. And the attachment of the base consciousness, let’s say inside you or the consciousness starts decreasing. Attachment with with the activity when is not there, because the activity is not there (in the state of let go), then the sense of doer will definitely kind of dissolve up to some degree here, for the time being. And although it has a psychological aspect also which is what you call mind aspect, it will try to bring it, (and) that’s why everybody at first feels very restless when they are asked to just sit and do nothing. That sense of doer tries to bring itself to life, because it starts feeling dead, like I am feeling dull, feeling sleepy. This feeling dull, feeling sleepy, feeling dead, all of this is part of that (mind aspect). A standard statement can be said that if you just sit and do nothing your ego will completely die, forever. Because ego is nothing but attachment of the presence with the activities of the body-mind, where a feeling inside it continuously lives that ‘I am doing it’. Whereas the Truth is that majority, most of the amount of presence, the energy of the presence, is Still and kind of nicely sitting inside it, while just portion of it is playing in the form of body and mind activities. And because of its sense that ‘I am doing’ it does not acknowledge and live or feel and explore its own peacefulness, its own blissfulness, it depends on happiness – for happiness on the body and mind and the outcome of its actions. I mean that’s all I think I could say right now. Please now tell me how clear it is for you.

Questioner: Yeah, it’s it’s it’s very clear. There was something about this recognizing when you were saying that just seeing that there’s not really a doer, an individual doer, this was very juicy. (smiles)

Rajee : Yes, there is something which I call intuition. There is a sort of an impulse of the whole of life, like the center of life, and then there is an impulse of every Being, like there is a center of every Being, like an Individual Being or Separate Being, let’s say, and it is like a loving message given to every Being that ‘What to do now?’ at any point of time? So this is how actions are taking place in harmony with everybody else’s actions.

In each body either we can live under the impression that I am doing it, this is an impression, meaning this is like an inner climate. There is no ‘I’ living in the impression that, ‘I am living it’. It is the I-less consciousness, the presence, which is living in under the impression that ‘I, I am this’. So it is not that I am the doer in which doer part is false and I is not. I is also false. When you are not attached to anything, there is no I. I only is highlighted or is felt as a solidness or as a separate existence when it attaches itself to something.

I would say, like the valid question will be, What to do now? If this understanding does not make you free right now, then do whatever you have to do in terms of doing of life, and more and more spend time and conserve time and conserve energy and spend that energy in observing what’s going on really? Like when I do something what exactly happens? Like try to observe, observe the end-to-end flow of energy, like instructions inside you, like ‘OK, I want to do this.’ So like how exactly ‘I’ do it? Prajot, if you remember, we were doing some experiments on the beach when we were walking. I asked you that just see how exactly you are walking, meaning how you take your step up and down. How exactly you do it? Just try to find out how you do it? And then you decoded this thing. It will become clear to you, you will start giggling from inside ‘He, he, he, he’, it’s funny, no? Because in a way I am doing it but in a way I am not doing it. Because it cannot happen without your permission. But how exactly I am doing? I don’t know really. But something very deep will become clear here. And also cleaning happens here, cleaning of this unconscious or kind of sleep state of affairs where always I feel I am doing it.

Does it resonate? Anything else you want to say now?

Questioner: It resonates, Ya. (smiles)

(Excerpts from Online Focus Group Meeting 26th July, 2018)

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