An Invitation to explore Truth of this moment

May I invite all of you right now just for five minutes, to explore the Truth together like this? And let me express what I mean by Truth. Truth means This, what is here right now, including everything, including your body, your mind, your thinking, your certain way of thinking, your certain states of comfort or discomfort, a certain desire that I want to be free, all of this together is Truth, no? And if you notice, everything that you are seeing is changing somehow, slowly or quickly. Speed is what matters, what differs, otherwise everything is changing. And this is the Truth of this moment that everything is changing. If you want to know the Truth of life, know the Truth of this moment first. What is the Truth of this moment? Everything that is present inside you is Truth, Truth of this moment. And if you are in search of Truth of this moment why would you change anything inside you, why would you like to change anything, touch anything, improve anything in any way? You will leave everything totally as it is, hundred percent everything is left as it is. Like there is no weight you are putting on anything, not insisting in any way, not demanding anything in any way right now. Everything is so very much allowed or left alone in a way. So this is the Truth of this moment that everything is like a process, like everything is in process. Kind of changing slowly, slowly, slowly. And I want to tell you beloved, it’s a great discovery. This comfortableness with everything that is here right now is the key to discover That which is not changing. You cannot force yourself to discover what is not changing inside you. But you can wisely, out of wisdom, you can let go of your fight with anything and everything that is here right now, that it doesn’t really bring that clarity and that freedom, absolute freedom. So for few minutes I stop fighting with everything that is inside me. Let everything be the way it is.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meetings 30th July, 2018)

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