Maya can affect Maya, cannot affect the Witness

Questioner: I just want to connect with you, it’s been a busy few weeks and just been absorbed in sort of worldly activities and sort of (wish to) start fresh and sort of recommit myself to this exploration.

Rajee – Yes, yes, very nice, very nice.
I mean for connecting with the Truth, everybody actually has to do the same thing, that come back Here where you are. But it is not possible to come back where we are, because of our engagement with the mind. You feel that “I am caught up in the mind” and (where as) I see you are not. What to do now? This is strange thing. So this is why probably you need some help. This help is called satsang.

So if you feel that you are caught up (in the mind), it is not really what is being caught up. (In actual sense)What is being caught up is thinking about being caught up. Now you are not caught up (so) why you are thinking about it? Now you have come to satsang, now why there is need to think about it? And like this you can so naturally come back and reconnect with yourself.

You have to begin somewhere and this beginning has to be Stopping, not moving. If you want to come back to yourself, begin by stopping, begin by not moving. If you want to go out of yourself, begin by moving.

So when you stop, what happens? Right now you stop and then see what happens. You stop and that restlessness which is causing, which is asking you to move still continues and that’s how we get trapped again into the trap of mind that,”Oh, I stopped but still the trouble has not been resolved yet”, then we try to solve it, then we move, then we give the momentum to the mind more, and that’s how this becomes a Catch 22. Chasing your own tail. You can never do it; Never, never.(Rajee laughs)
So begin by stopping and have patience, have patience to experiment and to see the results of it. What do you say dear?

Questioner: Ya, I feel that, this is what I needed to hear, there was, there’s lot of energy turning in the last while and it was trying to stop and then just there was so much discomfort, I would just jump right out of it, yeah, and it just resonates to me what you’re saying.

Rajee – And when you feel like jump, rather than jumping out of it, jump into your Self which is actually equal to jumping out of it. If you jump out of it but not jumping into your Self then you are not jumping out of it actually. Then it is just another portion or part of consciousness which appears to be more still, more pleasant, more joyful right now, but it’s going to turn into this same thing again after some time. So jump in your Self which is radically different than this consciousness which moves, which changes. I mean probably some people will not like it but this part of consciousness which moves is called Maya or mind – the universal mind, which has small portions, in itself which are called individual minds or personal minds. The Seer of life is the Seer of the universal mind, not only individual mind and that’s how it is free from mind and its effects. Mind can affect mind only, mind cannot affect the Seer of mind. Maya can affect Maya, cannot affect the witness. So jump in, into that space, that radically different position which is witnessing position. Witnessing means you are not concerned, how things will turn, which way things will go, if you remain noisy. If your mind remains noisy, it’s fine you don’t mind and if you feel that, ‘No, what do you mean if my mind remains noisy then what is the point of spiritual growth and spiritual awakening?’, then it means you are affected by the noise of mind. Check, who are you? Who is affected by the noise of mind? Because as far as I know you are not affected and you say ‘I am affected by the noise of mind.’ Like you say that, “I need to bring my state in a certain way”. I say you don’t need to. So the You which I know does not need its state to be peaceful, its noisy state is same for it as its peaceful state. The noisy state of the ocean is same for the ocean as its peaceful state, where there are no waves. If you have objection about the noisy state of the ocean, of your being, of your mind then check, who are you? Who has objection about it? Are you not a misunderstanding? Or are you not holding onto some misunderstanding about your life, about your mind, and about your state? Just check this. This much will be enough to wake up to what you are.

(Excerpts from weekly reconnect call with Focus Group Members, April 2018)

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