The Power of merging or meeting

The Power of merging or meeting, a true meeting, is so much actually. When we are meeting as two people, then life is enjoying separately from each other. It is like two selves meeting, which are separate from each other. And somehow, even for few minutes, we are able to relax into This-ness, into each other also, and merge into each other also sometime even, then the deeper Self than the personal self is kind of tasted by the individual, the personal Selfs. And based on our capacity also it is understood or seen or discovered also, upto the extent that we don’t forget even, after this meeting, after this joy of merging into each other. And if such a merging continues, and we allow ourselves to be merged into something beyond ourself, then slowly the deeper self, starts functioning in a way. Functioning means, it starts functioning in you.. Meaning, it kind of takes over you – the person. And you the person discovers that I am the deeper self, not the person. Person is a function, not a reality. I am the reality, person is my activity. Like this you discover, slowly slowly. And if you continue like this, in your deeper self state, you will discover, there is a deepest state also, beyond this actually, where you see that living as the deeper Self is not so different than living as a person. It is the same material, without giving any shape. So, Presence is the material the person is made of. But we value – the shape of the person, the mask, the image, the body the conditioning, the thoughts, the way of looking – more, that we don’t value the material it is made of. The thoughts, the body, the mind, the intellect, the intelligence, creativity, everything that we can experience in ourself is made of the consciousness, that is Presence, that is what you are actually.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting 4th June, 2018)

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