Just Be Present and go to the Root

Questioner – Is it important to see all the machinations and the compulsion of the ego and mind when you are waking up? And is it important to confront them with the presence? Is it important?

Rajee – It is like this. What you are saying is like this. When you are waking up basically means, you are turning your attention inwards. This is what is waking up. Unless you turn your attention inwards, you cannot see what is beyond the person, beyond the ego. And that is your Presence, your sweet Enlightened Presence inside you. So, it means that waking up means turning your attention inwards in the direction of the ‘I’ which is beyond the sense of being an individual person, a separate person. And that basically involves collapsing of the structure of Ego and many tendencies which are suppressed and many memories which are also being held in some way by the sense of person – they will surface. They will kind of stir up. And what started this whole thing was your attention turning inward, and your attention now focussing itself onto what you are beyond the sense of person. If all this stirring up cannot distract you, meaning your attention from inward then you don’t have to attend anything. If you can keep your focus inward, in the direction of the self that you are, the presence that you are, you don’t have to attend anything at all. But if, continuously, your attention is wavering from in to out, then you must find out the root cause of that; not every item, but may be kind of a root of many items, few items. Then you will reach to some root cause of something like an impulse inside you (or) some deep memory of something which you were not even aware of. Like there are some experiences inside us which have a sort of memory also but we cannot correlate, that what exactly it is? Some faces that we don’t even recognize sometime.

So, just Be Present and go to the root of it and just be present Here. And that will take care (of it). Because the root has to be released, the unconsciousness has to be released. Otherwise it will keep producing or keep releasing the unconscious energies in bits and pieces and you will be troubled continuously and distracted. So if you can avoid, (it is) the best; ignore, (it is)the best; cannot ignore then look into it. Go with all your power of your presence and your neutral seeing.

I hope I answered your question? Ok (smiles)

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, 6th June 2018)

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