Life has to employ the Zen way to Wake you up

The final pointing that has to be made in the direction of and the truth of yourself has to be as fresh as possible. Whatever is told (to a seeker) repeatedly, kind of (gets) stored in the mind and it kind of loses its power relatively. And that’s why life has to find different, new ways to point to the same Truth. It’s all about seeing in the moment, being available in the moment. Not that, what I talk what you listen. The more you are available, the more possibility to see the Truth. And how it happens is – by sometime bringing new ideas, new examples – New.

Talking spirituality and getting to it or getting it, are two different things. When you have to get the Truth, life has to employ its more immediate, spontaneous and real life situations. (It) cannot be just flowery languages and concepts. Meaning in a simple way I can say, life has to employ more, the Zen way to wake you up(smiles). Which does not necessarily mean that throwing you off, out of the window or things like this, but also it means being more immediate, losing contact from the past as much as possible. Not always but just in between, sometimes, suddenly. And you cannot be prepared for it. And if you are prepared, the whole thing will backfire, it will not work. It works only, when you are not prepared for it. It’s a knock at the door of the heart. So that what, who is living inside the heart, can open the door from inside. And like this you wake up to the Truth that, ”I am the emptiness of the heart.” not what happens in it, (or) in front of it. Like this you wake up, like “Oh, I am the emptiness of the heart, I am my emptiness, I am emptiness of myself, I am my absence, not my presence.” you know?

It’s beautiful. (smiles)

(Spontaneous Talks at Dharamshala, May 2018)

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