Wake up to the reality that I don’t really need to be so secured in order to function in life

This topic of being Partial or being Total looks like very superficial, something at the mind level. No, it is in the very heart of life. Doing things partially is operating from the ego state, doing things totally is operating from your heart center actually or the center of presence you can say. This is the difference between being Total and being Partial and as a result what happens is that if you start being total in whatever you do as much as you can, you kind of start coming back to your heart center – to your true center. It becomes like a passage for you to come back from the mind to the heart. This is the value of being Total but somehow we don’t understand this. As I said, mostly mind lives in a continuous dismissal of things. It dismisses most of the things – all the fears, all the what you call all the threats of life. It dismisses them, covers them, hides them, suppresses them in whatever way. If you can actually open up and fully see what life is, then mind almost cannot work actually here because it is trained to work in this mode of continuously suppressing and labeling things as OK, Everything is OK.

It’s like this, like a joke I remember. Somebody calls someone, how are you?’ like one friend calling to other ‘I am fine’ and this friend who is calling said ‘how is everything in my family’ because this friend is away from family and that’s why he is checking. So the friend who is with the family, with his family says that ‘it is ok. Your father met with an accident last month and he passed away but rest is fine, your buffalo jumped off the cliff and she disappeared, rest is ok, your wife ran away with a stranger rest is ok, your house collapsed in the last rain and so there is no house you have anymore in the village but rest is ok and your land which you used for crops has been taken over by the landlord here but rest is ok.’ This is mind – ‘Rest is ok.’ (everyone is laughing)

Don’t buy this, live in this difficult apparently disturbing state of life, you will wakeup. You will wakeup to the reality that I don’t really need to be so secured in order to function in life. You are the what I know, what I love to talk about – the anti antifragility. Antifragile nature of the being will wakeup here which feels challenged and becomes more and more rich and becomes more strong by being challenged. The mind collapses if it is challenged by life, life situations too much; but the Being flourishes, flowers. So this is also something to be understood in this context of being Total because if you are for example Total right now as a meditator as a seeker of truth you have the peace inside you but also you have disturbance inside you in the form of mind which comes sometimes, which takes away your peace apparently, experientially and if you can let it be the way it is, if you can stop rejecting it, You are Whole because being Total is being Whole; being partial is being Divided.

(Excerpts from Spontaneous talks on Totality Part 1, at Candolim Goa April 2018)

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