Surrendering back to Life

A Pure Being don’t have any sense of achievement. They just feel free and lightened, just looking around, What’s going on. It is life which has become free, free from all the sense of achievement, now it likes to eat fresh, Now the life in this form likes to eat fresh everyday. They are more child like, like not so heavy or not so, you know not so much like present, but they are more like absent. This being present is also a form they can take sometime but sometime not, based on the need of the moment.

You are in your true state like a pure capacity of seeing without any place to keep anything that you see, so there is no point in holding on to anything, you don’t have any place to hold on to, like to hold on to you need some space where you can keep things. The pure seeing does not have any memory or does not value any memory you can say. There is a memory in the mind level but in the being, soul level or something it doesn’t value any memory. The freshness is regarded more than anything else, is valued more than anything else. FRESHNESS, and for this freshness you will, you do sacrifice everything that you have known today. You would not like to keep it for tomorrow. It’s a very strange different state. You feel that a pure seer is like a being who has like a cluster of sacred knowledge or something. NO, it is the very essence of life which has become free, now looking around what’s going on in life, guys! Who I am and who are you? (laughs)

It’s like you wonder about everything, this wonder is the most fundamental quality you have in the Being when Being is free. You wonder about everything because you have no reservations, restrictions, you don’t assume anything. You don’t assume that – OK, Mila, you are the Self, I am the Self. No, everyday you eat fresh, everyday you look again, we meet fresh again and again.

Being free basically is Existence, Wonder, not knowledge. It’s not knowledge in this way and yet you know everything actually, which can be known. And yet you are not satisfied by it. You feel, you know, now something deeper known, knowing is possible. Now the knowledge of essence is possible, knowledge of knower is possible, not the knower at the mind level or the soul level. The very, very knower of life can know itself now. That’s how it feels excited and like ‘Wow’. It sacrifices all it’s knowledge, surrenders back to life that,“I am OK, I am fine alone without any knowledge” because I want to know the most fundamental – the knower, I want to know the knower. I want to know the perceiver, no?

(Excerpts from Spontaneous Talks at Dharamshala, May 2018)

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