I bring my Silence to the table

Sometimes I feel that our meetings are more like a potluck – everybody bring some pot of food homemade or otherwise and we put on the table and everybody eats based on their own interests, sometimes you will eat only what you serve, what you have brought, sometimes you will eat what others have brought also, is it not like this? I feel sometimes, satsang, meetings are like this.

So, I also want to put something from my side, from my pot also in case anybody likes to eat.

I bring myself to the table, I bring my Silence to the table, if you see my pot empty remember I have brought space because I think sometimes we need lot of space or sometimes we need space to enjoy everything that we have. You can enjoy it may be a little more when you are given little more space in everything. Like space between the two words, space between the two meals, space between the two bites may be also, you know? So I have brought space, I have brought silence, I have brought myself to the table, this is the best thing I have. Everybody is bringing best thing, I should also bring the best to you, as I said not many buyers not many takers of it, but I still will try to bring it as much as I can,

I will say little more also that this space which I have brought to you on your table and the space which you see outside, in which the universe is happening, it is not the different space, same space. This space which I have, I am sharing with you right now and always is in which everything is happening in a way. When I say in a way I mean actually everything is made of this space also, that’s why when you are more conscious, you will need space more than anything else, you will not need more items in your mind or in your heart, you will need more space, because you are made of space, like this, na? I just felt very, it’s a very humble thing not like I am bringing this out of arrogance, you are also space, you also have space which I am bringing on the table, maybe you don’t value it so much right now. So, my only qualification inside me which makes me help you is that I value the space which I am, I value what I am.

(Excerpts from Spontaneous Talks at Dharamshala, May 2018)

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