You and Mind

You are the very life energy, you have been living in the mind and it has created a reality in it also and that’s what now you feel – it is something separate from you and can attack you. It can attack you if you fight with it, because now you will taste duality here, You and Mind. If you don’t fight with it, you only go in your heart, and if mind somehow gets confused at some point, that ‘Why I should explore the heart?’, that much you have to do – talk, think, discuss, and when mind has come into the state, where it is seen clearly, the value of exploration into the heart, that is more than sufficient.

No need to clean your mind, no need to correct anything in the mind at all, because you will be in the mind state, trying to correct mind state. It doesn’t work, it has not worked. I have myself tried, and I have seen so many Seekers of Truth, for decades actually. It doesn’t work that way.

The power of the heart is the only power which can pull the mind into itself, suck the mind into itself. Mind cannot force itself to surrender to the heart, unless it is seen that there is nothing left in the mind, or what mind can produce, but then what is there that you can experience and is not produced by the mind? In the life, everything, hundred percent things, hundred percent of the life experiences are produced by the mind state only.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, Pune)

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