You and Mind

You are the very life energy, you have been living in the mind and it has created a reality in it also and that’s what now you feel – it is something separate from you and can attack you. It can attack you if you fight with it, because now you will taste duality here, … More You and Mind

Claiming Truth

I am just trying to wake up this spirit, this attitude, to know the Truth. Don’t worry if you cannot claim it right now. If you really know the Truth inside you, it is going to claim your whole life by the way, slowly. You don’t have to separately claim this Truth in your life. … More Claiming Truth

Sense of Incompletion – the driving force of life

When this sense of incompletion is outward oriented then it creates in life; it creates all that can give any sense of completion. When attended at the very core of it then it unfolds like a divine flower, it expresses itself in most beautiful and loving ways and finally it introduces life to life; it … More Sense of Incompletion – the driving force of life

Flow of the Heart

Within ourself there is life flow coming out of our heart/self, which is deeper than and beyond mind/thinking process. It is based in the wisdom of intuition; and is in harmony with the whole life, with all beings. And our heart is like a seed, unfolds like a flower when right climate is given. Suffering … More Flow of the Heart