Affected by Negativity

Questioner: There is sort of just like a negative emotional state. I am unaffected by this state, and yet there’s a feeling that I am affected by the state and it sort of needs to be gone.

Rajee: It is a very valuable time, when you are affected by anything, so don’t miss this opportunity, don’t try to fix things quickly. If you try to fix things quickly here, particularly when you are having a negative experience, you are going to miss an opportunity which can actually wake you up to your Self beyond this whole game of experiencing, experience and experiencer to your true true witnessing position.

Try to understand one thing that what is right now affected by this negativity is that portion of consciousness which will be anyway affected by the movement of consciousness, so that is why it is possible for you to experience positivity after some time or you can do something about it and it will become positive. So you can, actually there is a possibility here, when you are feeling a negativity you can feel positivity by doing something. But it will not make you free from this field where you experience negativity, so after positivity you will again feel negativity and then afterward you will have to bring it back to positivity again and then again it will turn into… it’s like a pendulum.

So what is being affected by the negativity right now is not really the consciousness which is playing in the form of waves of life; It is your attachment, attachment of the Seer with this changeful which is suffering actually, which is demanding that it should not be like this. And this is why it is so invaluable to utilize this experience when you are feeling any negativity, to be very, very crystal clear, like
What is my relation with it?
What is my objection from this negativity?
Why I want to reject this negativity right now?

If you can be very, like feel, like feeling more, seeing more neutrally, like how exactly I am affected by this negativity, then you can actually discover That which is affected and That which is not affected both, this is what I call simply seeing. You just Simply See.

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