Expectations and the Being

The purpose of this meeting is not really to entertain. It is to meet.

These meetings are not to facilitate you achieve what you want to achieve. Although on the face of it, superficially, it feels like this. But it is to help you wake up – wake up from the bondage to time. Bondage to time is bondage to suffering. Time is suffering, because time brings change. So you can never experience stability. And if you also are in this mode of expecting stability in the field of time, that is how you will suffer. So time is changing, everything is changing in time. You enjoy by seeing the nature of things that OK everything is changing. Then no problem then you cannot suffer from time. So what suffers from time then? Our misunderstanding about how things are and that brings expectations. I am not saying wrong expectations, I am saying expectations.

The very effort, the very attitude of expectation is wrong. The Being does not expect anything. Being that you are does not expect anything. It just is. And it feels so excited about how life unfolds in front of it. It comes from the unknown womb of the being, your own womb and unfolds in this emptiness, in this spaciousness. And the way it unfolds the Being feels very excited because it is new to it. Being itself does not know this, how it will unfold, which way it will go, and it doesn’t want to know also because why it should know? It will spoil the whole joy of the game. But at certain point it becomes clear to the Being that all that can happen is nothing but a wave, a wave on the ocean. And how does it matter? How does it matter what form of the wave? What intensity? What speed? What is the life, how long it will live? How does it matter? Then the Being has started becoming restful, in itself.

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