Old and New, Past and Future

I want to begin like this, that “What is old and what is new?” Everything that is happening is new, everything that has happened is old and not only this, even what is happening right now is becoming old, becoming old like every second it is becoming old. Ultimately we will come to this promptness and immediacy of living life where we can sense, we can see this. It doesn’t mean that we have to discard the old, value the new. In reality there is nothing like new or old which can happen. Everything that happens is new but everything that happens is happening by using this material of consciousness or light you can say which is the old. The oldest you can say. But at the same time, what I am referring to as new is YOU. You are that new and old at the same time. Old in the sense that you have not become just now, you have not been created just now, you have been here and if you understand the meaning of my statement, you will discover that I have been here today, I have been here yesterday, I have been here this year, I have been here last year. I have been here in this phase of my life, I have been here in the last phase of my life also. And slowly you will discover I have been here forever actually. Since the beginning of time I have been here.

It’s all about sensitivity of our seeing and direction of seeing. What we focus, what we value and you are that material which can give you an experience of newness. You are made of this material. Which can alone give you the experience of newness continuously, continuously. But, then what is mind? Then mind is the a collection of imprints of what happened. When it happened it was a beautiful experience, a movement in consciousness. Now it’s not there anymore. It is like consciousness is ocean and it moves and also it has a mind, just imagine if it has a mind, if it has a camera it keep clicking photos from that camera and then now comparing those images with the today’s state of affairs that ‘Today’s waves are not so much correct waves. They are wrong waves, like there is something wrong in my waves today. They are not matching the perfection criteria, they are not meeting the, you know’! That’s how it will be. There is no possibility of comparison of the past with the present like we were talking. In Hindi for present we have one word, Aaj, but for past and future we also have for past and future only one word, kal. Kal is used for past, kal is used for future also.

Ultimately to come to this purity of being and experiencing of life also, one will actually let everything go. When I say let everything go it doesn’t mean that we have control over things and we can let them go or hold them. No, we can imagine, we can capture their images and we can hold onto the image. When we say don’t hold to anything, it means don’t hold to the image or memory of it. See that it is flowing, it is already gone. When we are like this, living life as it happens then we are in sync with life, not holding any personal or local view about it.

(Excerpts from weekly call 1st April, 2018)

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