Experiential understanding and Wholistic Listening

Questioner: Joy is a strong word but (now) I can appreciate when a negative experience is happening because not so wrapped up in it.

Rajee: Wonderful! It’s so wonderful actually. This is like being free from some very deep rooted attachment and kind of a misunderstanding. But an experiential misunderstanding not an intellectual one. Because only the experiential understandings can give you the flavour of freedom in a way, even relatively. So if you feel that ‘I am some spaciousness’, it is going to bring joy of relative freedom also. And ultimate freedom in time but if you think that you are spaciousness, it’s not going to help so much. Because what thinks is a only a small aspect of yourself and what feels bondage is another aspect and these two are not communicating with each other yet. They are not in good terms maybe. (Rajee laughing) They need to talk also.
Like this faculty of mind which believes that there is space inside me must also send this message to that feeling, that space inside you, that faculty inside you, which believes that there is very little space, there is only stuff, no space, so that it can communicate. That’s why there is a value of wholistic listening, that you listen wholistically, so that your deeper faculty which believes that there is a trouble, can also listen and get inspired to explore that ‘Is it not really that even this trouble is happening in some sort of a spaciousness inside me?’ Now even if you continue believing that there is a trouble inside you, you will not be able to feel the trouble. This is the beauty of real, real experience. Experiential understanding let’s say, no?

That’s why there is a possibility that somebody may be saying that, ‘I don’t know anything’, and must be and will be absolutely free, actually, from any sense of bondage, and somebody who is saying ‘I know everything about this world and I can talk about everything you bring to me’, and must be living in a very contracted form of consciousness maybe. So it’s nice.
You are welcome to say anything else, if you want.

Questioner: I’d like to say thank you.

(Rajee laughs) Thank you.

Questioner: Thank you very much Rajee.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting 30th July, 2018)

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