Losing Boundaries inside you

Truth brings effortlessness from everything. Effortlessness, like you become free from the effort of searching, you become free from the effort of changing, converting it into anything. (Rajee giggles). This is how it is. It is not your responsibility how things are right now. Your joy is to wonder, ‘What exactly is this whole thing inside me? So much is moving, changing.’ There are no names inside you for anything. (Rajee smiles) So you cannot really definitively define things that, ‘OK, so there are like there are million thoughts inside me, 328 feelings inside me right now’, you cannot definitively define like this.

It’s just This, it’s just This!

And the more you lose contact with the mind and the habit of defining, the more it kind of starts merging into itself, like just one thing, it kind of starts losing its boundaries inside you also. Like things happening in the space inside you, they kind of convert, change into space itself, everything is like a space, without anything in space. Do you see what I am saying? So even what is in inside you in the space is your point of view. And if you can relax from that, you see only space inside you, not anything in it. Now if there is nothing in it, only the space, what you will fight with? What you will fix? What you will like to get rid of? What you will like to be free from? (Rajee laughs)
Is it not so, so amazingly beautiful and also funny?

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, 30th July, 2018)

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