Satsang Intensive Retreat with Rajee

Satsang Intensive Retreat with Rajee for a week in Arambol, Goa.
(In Person or Online)

Registration is Open Now
Dates: 7-13 January 2019

Please write us for more information:

About the Retreat:
1. There will be Morning and possibly evening Meetings with Rajee, as well as additional activities. (Morning yoga, Evening Silent Sittings)

2. Reporting time is 6th January, 2019, 7 pm. There will be an evening Introduction Meeting.

3. You are welcome to join in-person in Goa or Online from home.

“I am going to be so happy to meet everyone of you who says like this, that we can kind of finish this whole thing so quickly and then we can really meet and enjoy a cup of tea together. I am not saying that you are not going to need me or a teacher like me. No, you are going to still need me for a while but at least we step into the oceanic Being of our own Self. And then afterward we talk about the Being, not about the mind, Not about something that we have (to) find out first.
No, we don’t have to find out anything, we only have to explore the Truth together. And Truth is by the way always here, no?”
~ Rajee
(Focus Group Meetings)
1. Dedicate this week only for Retreat, solving all your work related matters in advance. It is advised to remain in inner Silence throughout the Retreat. Please remember that any Meeting with Rajee is dedicated to discovering your inner Truth.

2. Accommodation/Food: NOT included in the Retreat cost. Please make sure to book a room for yourself before coming.

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