Where am I ? (Part 2)

(… continued)
Questioner – I just want to check that this ‘It’s OK’ is not just the mind trying to get me to be less alert, or something, or whether it’s a more authentic, it’s coming from a more authentic recognition of ‘Don’t chase after this red light, that you have to do something’. So a little uncertainty how true this is.

Rajee – That doesn’t seems to be the case here, in you. The deeper aspect which is peaceful and stable has been recognized and is being appreciated every now and then continuously. So then what we can say about this situation is that it is basically your interest or your desire for complete freedom which is vigilant now, which is like, ‘Let me see, because I don’t want to take chance now’. So what the attitude or the feeling that you have is genuine but just don’t mix it with anything inside you. If at all you want to mix it, mix it with your most stable position which is (the) stillness inside you. Mix this vigilance with that stillness that, ‘I am not going to fall in the traps of mind again’, that ‘I am not going to really, replace or exchange my freedom for anything that comes, even if it is very lucrative, very attractive offer of some great state or something. And if you correlate with what I am saying then already mind has lost its power and with that the sense of confusion is gone, and even if the confusion is there you clearly feel there is no need to attend it.

So it is You who is concerned that ‘Am I making some mistake or should I do really something about it?’ No, you don’t need to do anything about anything. You just stay in your stillness and vigilant. So vigilance is the awareness coming from the background of mind, where you used to suffer or get caught up in things and live an unnatural life in a way. Not in line with your nature, with your True nature which you don’t want now, so that awareness has to be kept, this vigilance is valuable, but you don’t need to keep anything else. Your True nature is always the case and with you, you don’t have to maintain that. You can let everything change inside you now, meaning you can let go, you can afford to lose everything now. You just stay vigilant. So that you don’t move. That’s all.
So it’s good?

Questioner: It’s perfect. Really perfect, thank you. Really resonates.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, 30th July, 2017)

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