Can I stay as the Seer while the doer is absorbed in activity?

Questioner – Can you stay as the Seer while the doer is absorbed in activity?’

Rajee – I guess you are saying, ‘Can I stay as the Seer while the doer is absorbed in activity?’

If doer is not absorbed in the activity, fully, then if you stay as the Seer, then it will be a doing of staying as the Seer, not an effortless seeing. So the Seer, the doer energy will be divided into two parts, one partdoing, activity, absorption into that; another part kind of trying to stay as the Seer, you know like forcefully, effort-fully, which is not bad, but this is not what I am saying. If you can let your doership be absorbed in some activity completely, that effortless Seer which is always present inside us makes it so easily self evident like as if somebody else (is) seeing you. At first this is what I also experienced, like, you are absorbed, I am absorbed so I am doing everything and I’m just lost in what I’m doing, and then ‘Hey, there’s something watching me also, like a witnessing, which is like separate from me but also not separate from me’, you know, like this.

So, this is what my answer is to you. If you want to say anything any further about it, please say.
If your doer can be absorbed in the doing completely, then there’s no effort needed to be, to stay as the Seer. You find yourself as the Seer actually, and this is the beauty of it. Now you are free to do anything totally while you never lose your true nature, but then this true nature will not be achieved by anyone inside you, that which achieves this is the doer actually – You. So you have to lose yourself in it.

Questioner – Thanks. So do things completely without being attached to it?
Rajee – If you do things completely, totally, you cannot be attached to them. Attachment happens in the mind-field, in the psychological mind-field which needs energy to keep the sense of doer alive. So either the sense of doer will survive or the totality. If you can be total in anything that you do, the sense of doer cannot survive and like this the psychological circle that is in the mind will also collapse, and that’s why you cannot be attached to what you do anyway.

Attachment is only possible when there are two things – what you are doing and the Doer plus something else which remains outside of the activity. That’s what I’m trying to also share with all of you. When you discover your Self, you don’t find yourself as a Doer, you find yourself more like a function which is doing things but it’s not entirely you. You are the Seer of it also, you are the Seer of Doer also you can say in a way. That’s what it is experienced inside you.

So the attachment, if at all there will be any, it will be the attachment of the sense of Doer which will be every moment, when you, when the activity happens. It will not be a constant Doer and you will be the constant Seer of the Doer not being constant, like this. Like this you will be more relaxed. That it’s an activity, even if it is felt like I am doing it, this whole package is an activity, including the Doer. Doing and doer both are activity, like this, it is felt.

(Excerpts from Online Meeting dated 24th February, 2018, Pune)
Photo by Rajee

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