How can you say that there are thoughts?

Questioner: When you said now that this beautiful thing about that every object that I see also is in the mind, there is something that I saw so clearly that I have not seen before. That a lot of my imagination, projection, future – something that I am holding as real. For example, when I think of my daughter, and then create some image, and some story, it is just in the mind and there is no reality about it. So much just falls away completely.

Rajee – And what falls away is what gives you pain also sometime because of our attachment with it, but if you are up for Truth, you will let it fall away because it is not True. I mean what falls away is not really falling away, it is more like acknowledging that it never existed, like this. If it is falling away then still you see it as a reality. Ego never collapses or falls away like this. We experience it, and a very strong experience, I don’t say that it is not a strong experience, but still, it’s not really there. So what you’re saying is something valuable, and we don’t really have to achieve anything or lose anything. We have to see the Truth, as it is always. If there are mind objects, see that there are mind objects. If there are none, see that there are none. In both the cases you will be free.

What is happening is that we are seeing the mind objects, while some mind objects are attached with the Seer. One example – I used to see thoughts, let’s say like this, and then there may come a time in your maturity of seeing when you will feel that I don’t see thoughts inside me, like there is some energy moving but I’m not sure if it is thought or what, now the one object called thoughts has been detached from the Seer now and your seeing has become more pure now. Now you will not see thoughts.

So this thought object, when attached to the Seer, was being projected on what was happening in the mind and you never saw what actually was happening. Even mind objects are used for seeing the mind also, not outside. Feelings; Can anybody say for certainty that there are feelings and they are negative and positive? No, not really, but still we believe. This belief is an object, so like a negative feeling, positive feeling are objects attached to the Seer that you are, and now you see and it is projected actually, it is projected on you, inside you and you never see really what happens. (Rajee laughs)
It is actually.

I mean, as long as you are inside you, close your eyes, and you are seeing thoughts, you have to still see more. You will not see thoughts very soon, you will see something but not thoughts. How can you say that there are thoughts? Like what do you really need to define them as thoughts? Because if you stop defining them as thoughts at least 50% of the trouble is gone already, because we are troubled that there are thoughts and I have to be free from thoughts. Now you don’t know what it is. Now see first of all what actually it is inside you, this is important I feel.

So it is like one step deeper than the ego position or conditioned position of the Seer you can say. Seer has different positions, but it is not that there is some ego which Seer has to kill or anything like this. No, you are the ego, you are the Self. Without you there is no ego, without you there is no Self also, you will find yourself everywhere. Understand this. It is all a matter of purity of your seeing that will decide what you will see. When you see the Truth, joy, spontaneous unfolding of the wisdom of the heart is the experience of life. When you don’t see, then struggle, stress, responsibility and so on. Like this.

(Excerpts from Online Meeting dated 24th February, 2018, Koregaon Park Pune)

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