Primal Innocence and Sense of Knowledge

Dear Seeker of Truth,

There is an innocence in the depth of all Beings, yet it’s mostly covered by sense of knowledge.
This innocence is pure intelligence, pure capacity of seeing, the mirror of Being in which nature of everything is being revealed all the time.

What seems to cover this primal innocence is the sense of knowledge, the sense that ‘I know this completely’. Sense of knowledge seems to be a collection of conclusions. These conclusions are sort of an agreement in the Being for taking a previous experience to be sufficient to encounter the freshness of this moment.

We don’t need to really remove this collection of conclusions (Sense of knowledge) in order to uncover the primal innocence. All we need is to allow ourself to see and revisit some of these conclusions in openness. Once some of the fundamental conclusions are revisited in openness, it starts becoming clear to us that it’s not really knowledge but more a memory of a direct or indirect experience of life. Slowly less and less value is given to this sense of knowledge and Being starts staying in an intermediate ‘Sense of not knowing’. This sense of not knowing is primal innocence covered with a thin shadow of sense of knowledge. Here value is given more and more to authentic knowing over partial knowing (sense of knowledge). The thin shadow of sense of knowledge fades away slowly by itself due to lack of value given to it.

Have a wonderful day of Clarity

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