The reality for you is only what remains, the rest is just a play

Running here and there is mind. World, me and you, being Where You Are, Not moving is the way to discover the deeper Truth of life, the deeper, the real Doer of life who is doing everything. No, It’s not philosophical. It’s a Simple Truth. So what happens to someone who starts seeing the Truth of life, is not that you don’t feel any sense of doer. No. Sense of doer is not like a sin or bad thing, it is the very effect of doings in this body-mind level that you feel ‘I am doing it’. But there is no belief in that, there is no reality left for, in that. The reality for you is only what remains, what does not change, what does not move, that is the only reality you have, the rest is just a play, happening in so many ways. You become a doer and then this unbecoming also happens after this doer, by itself. By itself it’s happening. Speaking is happening, thinking is happening, constructs happens, even resistance happens to what is happening inside you. Resistance also happens. You feel something and you don’t want to feel also, and you let everything be the way it is, it’s alright. None of your business, none of your business. Or if you feel it is your business, Find out Who are you?

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