Courage to encounter ‘This’

The biggest courage one needs or one can have is to encounter ‘This’. When one can appreciate being what one is, where you are, the way you are, immediately the Truth of life start revealing itself. But when we are in the ego state we have a very strong tendency to hold, to conclude very quickly and that is what creates confusion inside us, that we every day try to conclude things, that ‘OK, I saw the Truth today’. No, you did not give enough space and time for it to bring you to a right state from where you feel that ‘I see the Truth’ and still you don’t lose it. Otherwise we see the Truth, we lose it, we see the Truth, we lose it, and we conclude it in so many different ways, again and again, you know what I mean? So don’t be in a hurry to conclude if you really want to know the Truth. Just learn how to come back here again and again, and just stay here. So many apparent ugliness of yourself and others might be seen, but don’t believe that. It’s not True. You have just started seeing the Truth, but you have not seen enough to see the beauty of life and the wisdom of God yet. So don’t be in a hurry. Continue, continue. This is what is called Satsang, a supporting environment where you are just brought gently back to where you are really, your attention, your energies are just brought back to where you are. And this does the whole miracle of waking up and seeing the Truth and everything like this. There is no other magic than just being where you are, and seeing what you see and feeling what you feel.
~ Rajee
(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, Pune)

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