Sunday Satsang with Rajee

During the next months Rajee will share Satsang on Sundays. You are invited to join these meetings online. The meetings are shared via Zoom app. Please read the following instructions carefully before joining an online meeting with Rajee.

These online meetings are recorded and shared on social media without editing. If you do not want your video/audio to be recorded and shared, please know that this is your responsibility to turn your video/audio off at the beginning of the meeting and keep your video/audio off during the meeting.

You can download the Zoom app for your smartphone and/or for your computer:
It is advisable to join a Meeting if possible via computer/laptop because of the bigger screen.

Please check these manuals if you need help with installing the Zoom app:
For smartphone:
For computer:

Sign up
Create a Zoom account here:

Please set the following settings to minimize the noise level when joining the Meeting and to keep the recording clean from extra noise:

  1. Open the Zoom app and click on „Settings“ in the right upper corner.
  2. Choose „Audio“ on the top navigation.
  3. Click checkbox next to „Always mute microphone when joining Meeting“.
  4. Click checkbox next to „Press and hold SPACE key to temporarily unmute yourself’“. (It allows you to speak only when SPACE key is pressed.)

Joining the Meeting

  1. Sign into Zoom.
  2. Click the meeting link or enter the Meeting number (The Meeting number is the number in the end of the Zoom link, i.e. where 123456789 is the Meeting number)
  3. Make sure your video is turned on at all time so Rajee can connect with you.
  4. Make sure audio is muted at all time.
  5. If you want to talk to Rajee, please unmute your microphone and speak. In between your questions/replies to him, please mute your microphone again for better recording quality. It is best done by using SPACE bar setting on computer or manual muting if joining from mobile.
  6. If the internet connection breaks on your side, you can join the Meeting again, once the internet is back.
  7. If the Internet connection breaks from Rajees side, you can wait till he is back online.

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