When the Soul is Not Relaxed

There are different subtle – subtleties of the identity or entity you can say inside us, not all of them are ego identity, but still there is some identity, some entity inside like a form, very subtle, not ego, not called ego-mind but still there is some sense of existence, which is necessary, which is like the highest position of the soul you can say, and yet the soul is not relaxed.

So what I am saying is that it is perfect to see and to confirm that I can see this, but also when the sweetness of life is inviting you right now then it is also sometimes nice to take the invitation and let go, so that you can see what is effortless and you can also notice the effortless seeing which is present. That’s why I say – just seeing is what is necessary. When you ‘Just See’ you don’t say that even this can be seen. There is no ‘even’ here, there is no list here. What can be seen is all there is. There is no comparison, there is no past, there is no journey, there is no completion or incompletion, perfection or imperfection, so it’s not something perfecting itself, it is just the way it is right now.

It is more like an invitation to sink in or slip into your effortless seeing which is the Being, the Joy, the Sweetness, the Celebration. It’s just one package in which everything comes, which is right now here and undivided. If you catch one you get all (smiles).

(Excerpts from Focus Group 9th August, 2018)

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