Mind Noise and Letting Go

Questioner: I don’t know what to say right now. there’s some mind noise, but… What is that, mind? mind noise?

Rajee: I want to understand what is this mind noise because if you have mentioned it must be important for you.

Questioner: It’s just that, there has been interest in, or distractedness. I can see a tendency for distractedness in this recent period, but again I can simultaneously sense the background, as soon as I become aware of distractedness, the attention to some extent goes to the background.

Rajee: That’s all right then. So it’s not really something important.
Very nice, very nice.
The more you give value to this background, this spaciousness, this stillness inside you, the more everything comes in the right manner, like gets harmonised in a way. This is the beauty of everything being in balance that you get best out of everything, but it doesn’t mean that you can get more than what it can give you. Like body can give you only a certain degree of pleasure and that pleasure is also subjective, meaning it is dependent on the value you give to it. When you don’t give any value to it, it is like useless for you. But we may kind of keep our body in such an imbalanced state where we don’t get the best out of it maybe. In the same manner mind and so on. And when we try to fix these things from a standpoint of being a body and being a person we don’t quite understand what is going on, and we only interfere in the flow. And that only creates more imbalance, let’s say in a way.

Only this spaciousness, this stillness, when you are able to recognise and appreciate, the more and more value you give to this stillness and you stay in it, it is capable of fixing everything in the most appropriate and wholistic manner. Because wholistic is very important. Your body is fixed but mind is not, so you are a healthy body with an awakened presence, but no mind. Or you are an awakened presence, very efficient mind, unhealthy body (Rajee smiles), Or an awakened presence, mind doesn’t work, body is crippled.

We really don’t have any option or alternative to Letting Go. This we must understand slowly, that none of my capabilities can really fix anything that happens at this scale, where awakening happens. So that is why – Seeing as effort, when necessary, Satsang also and Staying in this stillness, like drinking it, like feeling it – this gives you strength to face any adversities or any sense of disorientation or discomfort caused by this breaking out of ego and also it gives enough pure energy, pure light to every level of body-mind where it needs it actually.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting 30th July, 2018)

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