Where am I ? (Part 1)

Questioner: There is a questioning inside, that ‘ Where am I? ‘ But I can also see this is the questioning of the one that has an idea of a place to be achieved.

Rajee: Yes, It is like this. For some time that we live in a kind of a mix of two states, which is not only sometime this, sometime that, but even at the same time it is like a mix of two also. And this is where there is a assurance from the truer space that all is well and from the not-so-true space a confusion that ‘Should I do something about it or would it be moving prematurely?’

I want to just share with you in the most simple and fundamental way – That which does not move inside you, is not affected by any movement whatsoever that happens inside you, any experience that happens inside you, and it is not even affected by the experience of bondage from which you are trying to be free.

And so obviously that part, that aspect of your self is least bothered about anything that is going on here, in one sense. So it must be this changeful aspect of you which is concerned about waking up, maintaining the awakened state or clarity, peacefulness, and making sure that I am not falling in the trap again. But in this changeful aspect, when taken as your only reality, will only live as a separate isolated identity from rest of life and from your own deeper aspect also.

(Excerpts from Focus Group Meeting, 30th July, 2017)

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