This Emptiness is your Self

You are asking that what you feel like empty inside you, What is that?

I mean if you look at it from the mind space from where you are coming now, it is like absence, it is like absence of thoughts, it is like absence of sense of being someone, sense of identity, it is like absence of sense of thinker, it is like inactive state, like you don’t do anything, you don’t think anything, you are not anything, you know, like this. It just feels like this, (but) it is not really.

This emptiness is the real thinker, it is the real doer, without doing anything, It thinks without thinking, It does without doing. It is your Self, it is your True Self. When the effect of mind reduces then you will be able to see that there was no mind ever anywhere inside me, there was nobody else thinking, there was just me, I was sleeping, I was sleeping.

So when you start living as this emptiness more and more, you are at your best. If for thinking, for doing anything, you do without doing, you think without thinking, by just staying as your Self, everything is done, you know.

Because this emptiness that you are asking me what it is, this emptiness is the very Source from where different streams are coming out. The stream of desire comes out of it, momentary desires, or activity you can say like an unfolding of a flower.

And it is so much in line with what is happening around you that nobody can – unless you tell them that you are a spiritual being – nobody can even notice that you are a spiritual being. It is so smooth and seamless, and yet everybody will feel slowly slowly that you are more loving, caring or you can say, kind of beautiful. Like they find, they start sensing your beauty actually.

So this emptiness is your Self inside you, inside you this emptiness is your Self, and what you think you are right now is not your Self, actually. What you think you are right now is a process happening on You, like waves happening on an ocean, the silence of the ocean, silence of the ocean.

(Excerpts from spontaneous talks at Candolim, Goa 2018)

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