In the stillness of Being

In the stillness of Being,
Silence pervades before the beginning of time.

All is happening in time,
And time is happening in the silence of Being.

Friend, if you are experiencing struggle in life,
Can it be that you are trying too hard to get it?

Would you try another approach?
Would you let life solve the problem life has brought to you?

In the silence of Being all is perfect, as it is right now.
Even the apparent imperfection is so perfect that no effortful perfection can be a match.

Even ‘you’ who is trying to fix it with all it’s problems experienced, is so perfect fit in the wholeness of the silence of Being.

You get it my friend?

My heart wants to share this with you despite the fact that these words may be misunderstood and you may continue with the struggle of life.

I wish it helps you in some way.

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